To Reform Or Not Reform!

Do We Really Want Justice Reform Or Is It Just A Nice Thought?

I have read the compressed volumes of Gulag Archipelago at least 7 or 8 times.

It’s about the former Soviet Union and how it shot itself in the foot, by forming a “snitch” society that got so out of control that family members made up lies about each other just to avoid going to prison.  I believe we are falling into the same trap and we should look out for this.

Prosecutors who care only about wins at any cost. Instead of truth.  I am not the only one saying this, pundits are saying it on mainstream news. I had a cellie who had the dream team for defense counsel and the prosecutor said something that was untrue in his trial and he yelled, “That’s not true!”  And the prosecutor said, “We don’t care about what’s true here sir!”   Wow, now ain’t that the truth. Has it gotten to that?

If prosecutors who want to be judges or senators need wins to get those jobs, then it will be convictions at any cost. We need to redirect that to, truth at any cost. An innocent man goes home after 25 years and we wonder how that happened? Ask the Innocence project people. You’ll get the answer.

Some think this righteous indignation is “bitterness.”  Hmmm. My answer to that is, is injustice right or not? When do we do something about it? If Kim Kardashian has got the message, where are the rest of us?

The bible says, “If you strive for mastery, you must do it lawfully.”  2 Tim 2:5. In other words, you can’t break the law to enforce the law, or you’r no better than the law breaker your prosecuting. This is why with all this gaming of today the metaphor that the refs in court are wearing the other team’s jerseys. Isn’t too far off.  It wasn’t too long ago that the Republicans opposed justice reform. But now with all that’s happening in DC they are crying out for fairness.

Justice Cavanah cried out for fairness in his hearings, but I wonder how much fairness he showed so many whose appeals came before him as a judge? I’m just saying this. We all want fairness when it’s our skin on the line.  Let’s remember that.

Can I switch subjects?  What has happened to society? All we care about is rivalry now.  What the bible calls “emulations.”  Listen I’m from New England so I know a little about voting your team but…let’s face it, it’s all contrived conflict.  It’s not real conflict, that’s why it’s called, “playing” a “game.”

Billions upon billions are spent on competition, while kids are dying of starvation.  While people who cannot afford attorneys are languishing in prison.  That’s why I salute the National Justice and Law Alliance.  Bless their hearts and cause.

Men battle with brute force each other to put points on a board that doesn’t dig a well, or stop a war or have any good affect other than entertainment and bragging rights. We watch millionaires play basketball, football, and golf. While others struggle to keep the lights on.

Everything today is, “I’m gonna punish you, smash you, I’m stronger, faster and better than you.”  The bible lists emulation, [rivalries] as, “The works of the flesh.”  Gal 5:20.

Our priorities are all screwed up. I studied the Sociology of Deviant Behavior at Northeastern University in Boston when I was young. But then we didn’t have people walking around rapping out loud about “killing cops and banging broads.” Today it’s not unusual.  When I was in school that action would of been the subject of a thesis for my sociology class. We are racing to the garbage can man. And I can see it from prison. Like the old saying, “this isn’t hell but I can see it from here.”

Justice reform is not a priority unless you’r serving a 41 year sentence. When you could have served 2 years!  How can a guy who is worthy of 2 years be worthy of 41?  Or…how can a guy whose worthy of 41 be offered 2 if he’s that dangerous?

They are just numbers used as pliers to squeeze one’s signature onto a guilty please to rack up credit for our next US senator. Instead of fair and balanced justice.

I don’t know if anyone will even read this, or if I’m just wasting 5 cents a minute on this computer to vent.  I don’t want to anger my masters who control me going home or staying here till I drop. But when the same people who put your here control the relief for you to go home, it’s pretty scary.

Why is it that they have the Office of the Pardon Attorney in the Department of Justice? Somebody said it’s like having the mob in charge of the policeman’s retirement fund. I don’t want to go there.  I just think there are so many better ways to do this justice thing.

The good news? There are some federal prosecutors willing to have this conversation. Yay! We ask them to come join this forum and help us get real justice reform in deed rather than just in name. Help us recognize the shortcomings of what we have now, and how to give incentive for prisoners to really reform their ways too.

With so many college students in law, and criminal justice, nearly every federally incarcerated person could have his case looked over by a college student who could ascertain if he’s been treated fairly of not. There are less than 200,000 fed prisoners. Surely that are more than that in college for law or criminal justice. Those found to be suffering from injustice could have their side of the story looked at by a panel of experts not tied to the court system. With even a simple hand written explanation like the courts used to take before a thousand procedural bars were put in place.

You would think that this might be what appellant courts is all about but, often times, all appellate courts care about is procedure. Not innocence or justice. Or at least, that’s where it’s gotten to. Example, a guy I know lost an appeal not to long ago, because the appellate court made an error. He tried to get back in but they said there’s no recourse.  So he took years to get the money to hire counsel. The counsel is a former fed court clerk who filed a new action. But the court said, that the action won’t be recognized because the appeal is close. The attorney said the appeal is close because your court made a mistake. So far no resolution. And the catch 22 just goes round and round.  Again, believe me, we are not looking for justice yet.

Thanks for your time. Try to support the platform to correct all this. We hope to communicate with fed prosecutors that do want to do the right thing. We know everyone shouldn’t go home but, what about the ones who deserve it? Pray for us, and do what you can by giving funds if you don’t have the time or connections. Tell someone about the site.