Pay it Forward!

Paying it Forward – Cold Glass of Milk

In the Prison Classes with 2% Recidivism Rate We Teach A “Pay It Forward” Type of Attitude. So we encourage the men here with true stories like this one to show them it’s not all about self.

One day a young man who was selling encyclopedias knocked on the door of an elderly gentleman. The man answered the door and asked what the young man wanted. “I’m selling encyclopedias and want to know if you would like to buy a set? I’m putting myself through college with the sales.” The elderly man said, “Oh son, thank you for coming by, but I’m on a fixed income and barely can afford my meds. But, it’s hot out there, and you must be thirsty, would you like a cold glass of milk?”  “I sure would,” said the young man.

The elderly man brought him the cold milk and he drank it all down immediately and went on his way. About 10 years later, the elderly man had a heart attack and went to the hospital. He had open heart surgery, and survived, but when they brought him the hospital bill, it was $250,000!

The old man started to cry when he read the bill and said, “Oh no, I’ll never be able to pay for this, I’m ruined.” The nurse said with a smile, “Look at the bottom.” At the bottom of the bill, in red pen it said, Paid In Full By One Cold Glass of Milk!

“The old man said what is this?” The nurse said, “The doctor who performed your surgery said, when he was putting himself through medical school, you gave him a cold glass of milk and he never forgot it. He even paid the fees that were not his.”

The man wept with wonder and amazement.    True story.

We never know what good deed today will bring back a true blessing in the future, but we teach the men here that, we need to be the answer to society’s problems rather than the cause of them. The people that launched are doing that for the families of prisoners in so many ways, bringing them joy and hope, helping them financially and with love.

In this season of such things, let’s be quick to join this effort. God bless you all through this holiday season, thank you, National Justice and Law Alliance.

Sincerely…pastor Dino G.