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The re-entry assistance and recidivism prevention division is focused on providing previously incarcerated individuals the tools they need to reintegrate into productive society and prevent their inadvertent (and, often, statistically predetermined) recidivism. Through counseling, job placement, mentoring, and workforce development programs, the National Justice and Law Alliance will examine and implement international best practices for the previously incarcerated. In addition, NJLA’s innovative programs (such as the tattoo removal program) provides former prisoners an important physical transformation process to complement their new career/job/reintegration objectives.

The Support For Incarcerated Individuals and their families division is designed to provide existing inmates and their families with the support they need to endure the difficult months of separation.  Through legal aid, education programs, and support groups, NJLA programs will dramatically increase the productiveness of participant inmates.  The transportation, video conferencing and gift tree programs for children will strengthen the family bonds necessary for successful reentry as well.  Finally, NJLA’s stress management and counseling programs aid families as they work through the emotional and logistical issues of family disruption.

We at NJLA have firsthand knowledge of some of the most extreme cases of injustice in the country and are about to do something big about it, but we need your help!

NJLA aims to shape the future of criminal justice public policy through their Prisoner Advocacy And Public

Policy Program Division.  Common sense legislative reform and political appointment advocacy will be at the forefront of this group.  Moreover, direct relationships with organizations that lobby to influence the direction of the criminal justice reform movement.  Finally, NJLA will invest in programs that encourage independent oversight that monitor the activities of those involved in the current criminal justice system.

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