Kristin LaBarge

Kristin LaBarge  comes to NJLA with a wealth of experience in various businesses. From 1998 she excelled in the following businesses. She began as a Marketing Representative for a Choreographer Studio and excelled very quickly moving up to Manager and Director in the space of 2 years. She then entered the Medical field as a Software Representative and coder and quickly excelled in this field as a Top Marketing Executive. In her tenure she became one of the most sought after marketing specialists in the field. For the next 10 years she became a leader in the Fertility and Reproductive field. Her Integrity and innovation earned her top honors for the Western Region in client retention and work ethic. She is a proven winner and has demonstrated tenacity even under the highest pressure situations. We welcome Kristin to our Board

“ I’ve worked in the Fertility Industry and medical field for over 14 years. My dream is to get behind a special cause like this and help raise money and awareness to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to live their lives.”

Kristin LaBarge - Board Member National Justice and Law Alliance, Prisoners Hope

“ As we move forward this is another reason NJLA is becoming a force that will make a difference in the Lives of people that deserve a second chance. We welcome Kristin to the team of people who believe in our cause and will make a big difference as we move forward. “

Gary W. Zinn Sr.

Managing Director- National Justice and Law Alliance, Prisoners Hope