Robert (Bob) Holloway

Sentence with God’s Gift in Mind

Age: 62

Family: Wife, Denise; 5 Children; 3 Grandchildren

Plea Offer: 70 Months: Without Cooperation

Plea Offer: 98 Months: WITH Cooperation (all things hidden)

Guideline sentence at trial: 0 – 18 months

Trial Tax: Sentence: 225 months/19 YEARS!

Served: 63 Months


Doing this section is one of the hardest narrative’s I have ever written. Not knowing God’s path for my life, focused in this potentially transformative environment, God’s Grace with timing, without question WILL unleash something the world has never seen. One to take lemons, making lemonade, it took time to ‘get it’, something good was going to manifest.

During my pre-trial, my Federal Magistrate Judge 3 times in one hearing said…”Son, how old are you?”…56 I said. “Son, I don’t know anything about your case, or the facts involved, but I being a Judge for 28 years, assuming you got a plea offer. Well let me tell you, I advise you to take it. IN FACT, I admonish you….no I PROMISE you, if you don’t it, and do your time; “You Will Not Win”(point his finger)…I PROMISE YOU…YOU WILL NEVER see the Light of Day again.

My comment to my attorney was, “What is he, the Mob? How dare you allow him to threaten me to give up my right to trial. I did nothing wrong. I was scammed, ponzied, and taken to the cleaners, and my Rights mean nothing?” Game on…Trial. Well true to promise, “Smoke & Mirrors Show” was amazing, as with all the others, like none you have ever seen. As if my Public Defender was actually being paid by them…(oh wait he was)…he just told me to shut up.

Narrative my “crime”, circumstantial environment precipitating the unfolding, I feel it’s important to understand the impacting moments leading me to a purpose out of all of this. Adamantly fighting for innocence in appeal courts, now over 5 years, I really don’t think the injustice machine could understand the favor they did me, and our entire world’s future. Growing up in small town USA, mostly white, son of a successful dentist, skiing every year, beach homes, ranch, hunting, fishing and all that, never did I have a concept of how the other side actually lived, or pressures endured.

Major turning point in my life & spirit came when my family traveled on a Humanitarian adventure, impromptu to Haiti. Arriving, a mere 12 years old, frankly freaked out beyond belief, all I saw was abject poverty, malnutrition, starving children, bad water, and plain ass misery. Devastated like a war zone seen only in movies, with my dad we experienced it in the raw, father upset with God, “How a God could allow all this to happen?”; I on the other hand made “My Vow” to do something about it, even if it took the rest of my life.”

Most of childhood, garnered by my first trophy at 6, life dream was to play golf at the University of Texas, then PGA Tours. Graduating from High School 1976, enrolling Pre-med at UT to accomplish one part of my Vow to God, I walked on amongst 125 kids, making the top 10, now at 19 on the NCAA Golf team. Taken out, plowed with alcohol, the very recruiting coach I practically worshiped, sexually molested and assaulted in a way which destroyed my spirit, negatively impacting my entire life. Darkness ending with this ‘Crime Story” in a miraculous way, no matter my innocence in the case, relieved me from 37 years of inner pain. Story born into my yet to be published “Through Hell & Back with God’s Grace,” suffice to say this ‘crime’ saved my life.

Spending 20 plus years after withdrawing from my pre-med degree, hopping aimlessly on golf scholarships to 3 different colleges, ending up in San Antonio, I went to work for A.L. Williams/Primerica/Citi -group companies at 23. Successful beyond expectations, promoted up from Sales Rep to Senior Vice President in 4 years , retiring after 20 in 2000, my most important responsibility for 20 years was to supervise, signing off on, nationally audited yearly, 100s of Securities sales, Sales reps, offices, and managers.Every single dime through my office into Mutual funds, multiple 100s of applications a month, along with other offices I supervised; every single application a source of appropriateness, and accreditation checked off, not only identifying source of funds, but appropriateness in selection of a particular mutual fund, tax shelter, or college education account. Super important, if not most important, my responsibility just a couple of years after retirement, still receiving residual checks, holding certifications, why the heck would I suddenly go rouge, scamming others all across the country and risk that.

The answer is pretty simple. I didn’t. Like within Ramon’s story ‘my five men” 3 from Salt Lake City, one from Vegas, and one from Houston, never known prior were running one of the largest Ponzi scams in our country. Marketing 8% to 15% guaranteed promissory, joint venture notes, they managed to pilfer over $150 million dollars. From May 2005 6 months before I was even around, till the end of 2011, 4 years after I was living in San Diego pursuing the PGA Tour and my Water Filter company, extracting victims from all over the country. Millions siphoned for planes, real estate, million dollar homes, silver brick bars buried in basements, along with a lot of other stuff, most never recovered. They according to the SEC Indictment, “they” as Defendants, were even paying ‘birddogs” a 10% fee to bring in “Aunt Sally’s retirement accounts, all going into nothingness. These men were ruthless criminals. IF you just read the SEC indictment you will be shocked at the Complicit behavior of the Players, Chase Employees, and even citizens in the Salt Lake Community. Them placing a mere 13% of their take into my CME Registered Futures fund, putting the rest in “interest” payments, plus their own pockets, the window blew out on them when Chase discovered over $7 million in 100k counterfeit Line of Credit loans, November 2006, all in just one branch, downtown Salt Lake City.

Eventually April 2007, a major SEC Indictment of THEM, me as ‘relief defendant’ victim recipient of stolen money, them all facing prison eventually, a mad dash to compose ensued.” As in other documents provided, I was caught off guard because my accounts were seized, money source to me being fraud before sent, I was instantly out of business pending the company ending investigation into them.

April 2007 till January 2008, my legal team & I worked with the Director of the SEC, Elizabeth Martinez, no depositions, no court filings, all just assisting in the massive unraveling of the mess these indicted SEC conspirators created. After 1 year, January 2008 the SEC met with my attorneys, me telling me it was over. Giving me 100% exoneration settlement agreement, saying I ‘unfortunately got hooked by some very bad people. Then wishing me luck with my daughter and Senior tour, finally my life was back mine again.

Copies available on request, summary in which there no finding of ‘Disgorgement” (using others money) intentions or wording of ‘ponzi’ starkly contrasted to the defendants, instead it’s known because the money deposited in my Fund was stolen, or fraudulently gained, it had to be returned. Stating $1.2 million had been used for overhead, operations, and personal expenses according to the forensic audit, I instantly agreed. Knowing the funds being stolen by my clients, happily with integrity I turned over my last $427,000 leaving me penniless but free. In agreement, because personal financial status, they waived the balance, and as per mutual agreement, IF ever able, I expressly agreed to make the balance whole.(btw, since then over 4 times this amount has been credited, found in the perpetrators hidden accounts.

In another life impacting moment, still living with my Tiffany alone, trying to move to San Diego, October 26th, 2008, twin Granddaughters, Madison and Nicole were born, 6 weeks premature, Nicole having hypoplasy left heart syndrome, expected to die in days. Borrowing funds from a friend, my son Thomas & I flew to the Boston Children’s Hospital to pray. Connected to Harvard Med, best Child Infant Critical Care center in the world, was caring for my Nicole. Hooked up to everything, on life support in a coma, ended up dying 6 or 7 times over the next month. Always being revived, she like her granddad, refused to die.

The moment came, everyone flew in, Catholic ceremony, last rights done. Picture of Jesus holding a baby in the clouds above her, Holy water on feet, eyes, and ears to walk, watch and hear our prayers from heaven, frankly, I got angry. Staying in the room at night, praying, I had to do something. Was God powerful or not?…I said. Putting together courage, I got up placed my right hand on her forehead, left holding her finger, started crying out to God. “Please take me…Please take me…please don’t do this to my son. If you must have a soul, take mine.” In a crazy miracle out of her coma, Nicole opened her baby blue eyes, squeezed my finger as if to say…hey, all you have promised me? I am not going anywhere. Vitals sped up, nurses came in, heart transplant happened months later, Nicole 11 years old this October. At the same time, SEC settlement was done, life restarted, new amazing perspective on life. A full 2 years past age “50”: Senior PGA eligible age, Tiffany & I moved to San Diego. Tiff enrolled in Torrey Pines High, living across the street from same, no car, walked to school, both of us with ‘dumpster’ mattresses on the floor, me at 6am daily walking 4 miles to the Grand Del Mar Golf resort, job as caddy, dream back alive, WILL impenetrable. PGA TOUR, Here I come.

Always struggling to pay rent, Tiffany working at Del mar theater, me caddying in every event I could, launching my water filter business, happy, free, away from the stench of greed, greedy, and past. Full of purpose, working with missionaries, humanitarian groups & the like providing portable pure water systems overseas, NOW on task to my Vow to God again. Unknown to me, late 2011, 3 years later in Salt Lake, Feds hot on the trail of those who had perpetuated the huge victim rich fraud to which I was exonerated, SEC only dealing with civil, now the DOJ wanted somebody’s ass. Going after obvious defendants of the SEC case, along with a fake “Trust Attorney” in Houston, all powerful influencers in the ‘Church” centric community, plus obvious 100s of citizens involved in the underlying bank fraud, a narration to save the locals ensued. Completely unknown to me, composing, narrating, crafting, cutting deals, I became the target. Never involved in raising one dime from one person, never meeting ONE of these men’s victims, never knowing these men before they came to me, suddenly I was indicted me as “Kingpin” in place of them all. Passionately involved at the time, March 2011, Pell Grant from Obama Administration, getting my degree “Resort & Golf Course Management” from the “Golf Academy of America” in Carlsbad. A 2 year intense education degree, literally a program to run the very resorts I caddied at, how’s that for Will power. Tiff off to college in Salt Lake, living with aunt, I moved into a loaned 1985 “Hippy” van, literally living on a ‘beach curb’ in Carlsbad. No money to rent, nothing was going to deter my quest. Showering daily at a 24 hr Fitness, assistant to the President on work grant, ‘janitor” of the entire facility I proudly was.

Studying on my laptop at night, weak wi-fi of the McDonalds, proudly I was on the Dean’s list 3.89 GPA, AND Top 5 golfers of 300 kids most 1/2 my age. Handicap now a+ 2, could not be beaten I thought. Daily scrounging for food, doing studies, practicing my short game constantly, still running the filter business from the back of the van. Feeding homeless with extra, just doing what I always have with the blessings, happy, on task, full of joy, tour coming. Potential job with PGA Magazine, sure sponsorship by Titlist, Peter Millar & Footjoy, all I had to do was get my +3.89 handicap over +4.0 in tournaments, and I was set.

Boom, middle of life altering adventure, in my van working on a term paper on break, 15 FBI Agents in what I thought was a prank surrounded me, dragged me out, handcuffed me. YOU ARE UNDER ARREST! Wire Fraud, Tax evasion, gig is up. Driven to some building, literally put under a lamp, 2 agents treating my like I murdered someone, and started to grill me. Quickly having enough of it, stated had done nothing wrong, “exorated” 4 years prior, I refused to answer any more of their ridiculous questions without counsel.

Miranda Rights, handcuffs, thrown into a cell with 25 Mexican drug dealers, there right out of class, like a whipped puppy, I was praying to God for a rescue. They then hustled into court, I signed a 20k personal bond, then was pushed out, middle of the night, San Diego downtown, nothing. No phone, car, no hope, but still had God. Golf Academy dream gone, last semester ass busting degree gone, nothing but prayer left. Months later with help of mom, went to ‘Fall Guy Indictment party” in SLC, arrested again. Thrown into jail again, 45 days, assigned an incompetent attorney pushing plea, an absolute lie, would have put me home ironically 2 years ago. Losing 39 lbs. in 6 weeks just on the lack of food, let out on another bond, no belt to hold up my clothes, train to SLC, pants falling down, hair looking like Einstein, working my way back to San Diego.

With the worst excuse for an attorney in the world, insisting on my innocence, We ARE going to trial. 2 years plus later, efforts poured into my filter business and PGA pursuit, knew the SEC discovery alone would dismiss the case for sure.


The Day My Entire Life Transformed

On March 22nd, 2014 for about the 6th time I was called up to Salt Lake for a hearing, paid by my mom, and some by the love of my life Denise. This time he said he had positive news, and we needed to meet. Doing my usual train to Long Beach Airport, quick flight over, tram to downtown, walking 10 blocks to his office, I felt maybe a deal was made, and my life was finally mine for the last time. Walking into the office, on edge with anticipation, sitting there with him was his ‘psychologist” friend, and they preceded for 2 hours to scream, yell, tell me I was guilty, take the plea, trial will be lost, I was stupid, no one was my friend but him, and Denise was just a figment of my imagination. Shocked beyond belief, all unknowingly recorded I walked out knowing this guy could not litigate himself out of a paper bag even with a gun in his mouth. Bottom line was this guy was walking me right into prison, paid by our own Government. Flat ass handed over.

Leaving, jumping the tram to the airport, I started texting a Pastor of mine in San Diego. Meeting him on the golf course of course, a giant of a man. 6 ft 3 at least, black, built from Africa. He just texted me back and said come to church Sunday. I came…nothing. Come to church on Tuesday…nothing. Come to Church on Saturday to the Sacred Healing Ceremony. I show up, listened, did not feel peace, joy or one thing as usual for 37 years, really wondering what all the to-do was about with the joy thing. The service ended, and like I had done 1,000 times, I walked to the front for prayer, only this time I put my cell phone on record under my chair. Walking up, Pastor Chieza was making his way down the line. He comes to me, and his eyes, going wide open like he has seen a ghost, he slams his right palm on my forehead, his left on my chest, (all recorded), and starts screaming…”You are not going to die, you are not going to die, you are not going to die…the Devil is trying to take you out…(not knowing I had wanted to die most of my life since the college assault). God has a plan for you that is amazing, in the Name of Jesus, I demand you come out…boom…just like that, and I am serious as a heart attack, something like a grayish ghost busters deal flew out of my spirit, and into the ceiling or something. I passed out, fell on the floor, and reportedly a few min later was revived…. Boom…l was like “Do Da”. I had never felt so much peace in my life. It was like the deepest darkest thing, which frankly I thought was the fear of going to prison was gone. I suddenly knew everything was going to be ok. I was at peace for the first time in 37 years. I simply could not explain it. I go home, and Denise says…”What happened to your eyes?” They are all bright and blue. Golf instructor next day says…What happened to your eyes? again. 5 different people in the next 2 days asked me the same thing. I had no clue, but certainly the saying…”Your Eyes are the windows to your Soul” is true I presume. 3 days later, I am laying in bed, and started crying uncontrollably. I realized, I was not delivered from going to prison. I was delivered from what that sick, now dead and in hell Golf coach for the University of Texas had done to me, and countless others I presume. I was free, at peace, and just so full of joy. From that point on, I knew life was going to work out. Trial or not, prison or not, I knew God had my back. A week later a Pastor from Africa was speaking in our Church, me running late that day, “Pastor Chipo in from Africa, in her deep accent was saying…”Boob Holloowaee” She came to the back, I told her I was him, she started crying, hugged me, and said her cousin in Africa had tried to kill himself, saw my Youtube testimony at Church in Africa of my deliverance, and had found the same peace I had. She was overwhelmed, and I was also.

Next week during Easter, I go back to Utah, different Bob, different outlook. We were going to trial. Incompetent as usual, I set out to hire Rebecca Skordas, the best Criminal Attorney on the West Coast. My public defender, completely oblivious to my innocence, when I met with Rebecca, I just knew we would win. Obvious discovery would have been the SEC to their know criminal witnesses. The fact that they found me homeless with $46 dollar to my name. The fact that the others ran away with planes paid for in cash, real estate in the Grand Bahamas, wires to Andorra Tax Haven close to France, million dollar houses…cash on the golf course in Vegas…how could I lose.

Fast forward, we go to trial. 10 DAYS before trial, finding out in prison a year later from transcripts, the entire SEC case, discovery of same, accusations of ponzi, disgorgements and judgments in the major millions…ALL Suppressed, and my lame as attorney’s answer to the Government’s motions? “No objection” all done in the one hearing I was not told about or attended, the effectively sealed a win, by hiding what the locals had done. All my Amended and redone corporate returns, IRS verifying I owed nothing, also Suppressed.”

At the exact same time, Rebecca retained by a good friend, the very Judge who was protecting the few by approving critical Evidence Suppression, refused to allow me to fire my Public Defender which I had already done, and refused to allow Rebecca to represent me. Yes this happen. Now fed to the wolves, 12 locals watching the beautiful, amazing magic show, I ended up being found guilty of course, and sentenced to 19 years…the end of my life. God has a Plan—I Have..5 years of working on my Legal Degree…Fighting tooth & nail in Appeals for my Innocence, $10s of thousands spent by my mom & son, becoming a “Success Prison Coach” for Tony Robbins, a Certified Success Mindset Coach with Jack Canfield, author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series from

I have used this time to get closer to God, write 5 books including “Though Hell & Back with God’s Grace”; my story; “A Case of Corruption”, the Evidence of America’s War on Entrepreneurs; “I Am Transformed:; “The Power of Attraction”; & Unlocking the Secrets of Pure Filtered Water”. Now in this document, “Cases of Grace” we all pray we are able to go home.

Finding, befriending, and loving Ramon Barrientos, Bob Scully, Curtis Somoza, & Pastor Dino Gentile, inspiring, collaborating, uplifting, and visualizing together what we can do to help the world…Yes this trip around the park…has been full of God’s Purpose. I am not saying I would do it again, but I Am saying I would not be the man I am right now had God not put me through this fire.

I Pray, as I do always to Pastor John Hagee, National Spiritual Advisor to the President, and mentor, to Governor Bevin, and also Captain Rickey, all with the access, the power, and the influence to allow us grace, to with action..allow us mercy.

{For: Hope is Faith made Manifest by Our Actions}

Robert (Bob) Holloway