A Cure for Aids/HIV

Is A Cure for Aids/HIV being Suppressed?

So the following [below] is an example of a solution to a very serious problem our `Think Tank” membership has knowledge of and seen work first hand. Because we are “prisoners” we are currently not able to collaborate the people or groups or resources necessary to proliferate this “solution” as well as others out to the world.

If the “free world” won`t interact or entertain prisoners ideas, treating them only as “second class” citizens, prisoners will never contribute or effect and impact to society again. We have written every major “think tank” just to communicate and read our “white papers”, and no one responds at all.

As most are well aware, Aids/HIV is one disease around the world which has “behavior” driven as well as “non-behavior” affected victims. Not that there is any difference to the fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and loved ones of those infected, critically the issue around the world is the innocent children of this “supposedly” incurable disease. Although “treatment” solutions exist, the inexpensive, scalable, mass producible, treatment exists right here. Rape victims, newborn, breastfeeding babies, infected needles, sexual transmission along with tainted blood are among the many who are infected.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 person every 9.5 seconds dies from this “no-scalable”-cure pandemic disease. Billions of dollars have been spent by groups and foundations in search of a cure over the decades, all essentially “band-aid” cocktails suppressing the active elements of this disease. The health care costs to governments for treatments has been an unfathomable number, with a huge percentage of the infected victims, some estimates over 65% are children under age 15. Today although there exists may treatments, none being scalable or reasonably affordable cures, as well as most being toxic, all total have not even made a dent in this decades old problem.

Twenty years ago, around 1997/1998 a remarkable discovery was made by Dr. Gary Davis, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. While in Dallas, a video was shared with me by Forres McGraw, the current holder of the serum treatment protocol which shocks my spirit to this day. This video, parts of which were shown on the news show “Dateline Houston” sometime prior, showed Dr. Davis profiling this revolutionary, yet simple serum solution to the Aids/HIV virus. The treatment, using almost the exact same protocol used by Dr. Joseph Salk, [Salk Institute of La Jolla, California], Dr. Davis sought to mirror the process used which brought about one of the cure`s to Polio, which proliferated across the globe. In simple terms, Dr. Salk`s process was to find a “host” animal (in his case a horse) which would have an immune system which would “cure”/produce an “anti-body” to eliminate polio. By extracting the resulting serum anti-body, the resulting subsequently became one of the primary contributors to the elimination of polio.

A disease particularly affecting children with low immune systems, Aids happenstance is doing the same thing around the world. Dr. Salk, who passed away in the late 90s, as if in a `handoff` from God to Dr. Davis, who was at the same time happenstance was working and searching for a solution having experienced several of his patients die of Aids, as the story goes, Dr. Davis got really upset with God for allowing his friends to die. That night as if a “reply answer” from God to his anger, all well documented, Dr. Davis in a dream saw a “huge” syringe drawing blood from a large goat. Not really understanding the meaning, he recorded it in his journal, and put it away. Sometime just after this revelation, Dr. Davis contracted a disabling spinal disease, having to have 6 inches of his spine replaced by steel rods. During his recovery process with the help of his wife, he relentlessly pursued the meaning of what he had seen in his dream. Spending 6 months researching and studying what Dr. Salk had done with polio, he found out the why. His research uncovered an immense immune system capacity of the female angora goat, and armed with this revelation, he set out with great anticipation. What Dr. Davis found out was the “serum” using “host animals” producing `curative` antibodies had been a protocol used with great success in many diseases going back well over 300 years. Discovering that the immune system of the female angora goat was pretty much indestructible, in 1998, Dr. Davis started experimenting in his lab with the process.

The “cure” of which 1,000s have been treated successfully, were filed with the FDA around 1998. The FDA presumably cooperative with “Big Parma” in tow, has managed to keep this simple, inexpensive, wide-ranging solution under wraps all these years. Through my personal benefactor contributions since 2001, along with many others involved, this solution scaled out to 1,000 of successful treatments into Africa, Mexico, along with other areas overseas. In the United States, this solution protected and blocked out by the FDA, has never been able to legally scale out to those in need. The treatment, nothing more than 6 treatments via a simple shot, has always had outstanding curative outcomes. Normally even with a 4th stage patient, bedridden, about to die, within 15 minutes of the first shot is up with energy walking around and feeling great. Six treatments later…GONE.

Because of the recent “Right to Try” Executive Order signed by President Trump early on, the stage now is critically set for what could wipe this pandemic off the face of the earth. With the largest requirement to produce being the goats, treatments affecting solutions could be had literally within 6 weeks from “Launch”. This initiative along with the “Right to Try” if clinical trials were done parallel over the same 6 week period, the results of which are already known, could end up being the “World Health Organization” global protocol, affecting it`s elimination across the world, just like the polio serum did in the past. With proper advocacy to the White House administration, along with a centralized facility to treat and record, lives, especially children could be affected with immediacy. Scalability being 100% dependent on the number of goats to produce the serum, the largest cost of this project is actually the food to feed the goats. Ironically because of their immune system, there is absolutely no adverse effects to the goats.

With proper serum production set up with World Health Organization protocol status , “WHO”, Dr`s Without Borders, Rotary, Samaritan’s` Purse, and other Health Foundations/NGA`s could scale this out to the world. FYI: 2019: Recently in the California wildfires, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was spared because they ironically have had a long standing policy in place which kept the surrounding underbrush cleared by over 300 grazing goats.

Bob Holloway Prison Think Tank