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    INTRODUCING: THE PRISON THINK TANK Why would anyone want to listen to prisoners who have as much as 20 years experience in the prison system about subjects like; Immigration, Aids, Wildfires, Prison, Justice, and Sentencing Reform? About things like, Racism, Religion, and Gangs? How about this? Prison is a microcosm of our free society. How is it a Crip and a Blood cannot live next door to each other in the free world, yet they
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    We have made 4 categories for you to choose from. All topics are interesting and informative although not always optimistic but surely realistic. We hope you have an opportunity to learn and possibly be educated about the mass incarceration in the land of the free and home of the brave. Feel free to send material and we’ll review it and let you know if we can post it. Thanks again and please remember to donate.