Intro To Think Tank


Why would anyone want to listen to prisoners who have as much as 20 years experience in the prison system about subjects like; Immigration, Aids, Wildfires, Prison, Justice, and Sentencing Reform? About things like, Racism, Religion, and Gangs?
How about this? Prison is a microcosm of our free society. How is it a Crip and a Blood cannot live next door to each other in the free world, yet they can peacefully coexist in prison six inches apart from each other?
What’s the secret? How can Muslims, Catholics, Christians, Odinists, Santeria practitioners. Buddhists, Jewish, even Wiccans and Satanists, all live on a couple of acres and not kill each other?
Would you take the advice of someone who has lived with hundreds and hundreds of undocumented aliens for 20 years who knows their needs, wants and how to solve the immigration problem? Or listen to someone who’s only contact with undocumented workers is when they cut their lawn?
Is it possible that people in prison can be brilliant and have answers to problems like wildfires and computer hacking? To healthcare and so many things we don’t have time to think about? With five times the world’s prisoners per capita, and seeing every week people going home after decades of being locked up, is it possible that these folks might just have something meaningful to contribute to society?
If you think it’s a possibility, maybe you will start to read our NJLA PRISON THINK TANK BLOG, to see spectacular ideas to these problems and more. Federal prison has some of the most sophisticated prisoners who have degrees and at one time, were at the top of their field.
Read how our broken Justice System has caught up people who were former CIA contractors, business professionals and the such like. Surely the people who may have suffered injustice would know what needs to be fixed in the Justice System more than someone who has never experienced it?
How is it the DOJ has a 98% conviction rate? Are defense attorneys really that bad? Or is it something else?
You be the judge! We’re just reporting it!
Thank you for your time