It’s Better in Prison!

77 year old goes back to prison!

So, here’s what drama happened today on our prison reality show here.  A gentleman who is 77 years old, finally was granted “compassionate release” about 6 weeks ago.  He showed back up here last night.  So we asked him what happened.  Get this.

He cannot work a job at his age, nobody wants to hire him. He was at the halfway house. Thing is, he’s been in prison so long, that all his friends and family are dead. So he has no where to go. He could collect social security except for the fact that, he was on probation and you cannot collect social security while on probation.  So, they sent him back to prison.

This is the endless merry-go-round of how messed up the system is. The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.

Reminds me of a guy I know, the appeals court made a mistake in his last appeal. So it took him years to get the funds to hire an attorney because he felt, if you file appeals yourself [pro-se] you are treated with endless procedural bars and like a second class citizen.

Only the appeals court closed the case due to their own mistake and now don’t want to open it for the attorney who’s ready to file the appeal including the evidence of the courts mistake in closing the case and denying it. Why? Because the case is closed! Innocence? Doesn’t matter, truth, doesn’t matter, justice, not important, just procedural bars being jumped over. The letter of the law and not the spirit of the law. Again, the justice merry-go-round. The “catch 22’s” just go on and on while people languish under draconian sentences., National Justice and Law Alliance, help! Actually, we need to help connect with the right people who can change this mess. Do you know a federal judge? Do you know a federal prosecutor who actually cares about justice? Do you know a politician or a reporter who might help? Get them involved with this great cause.

Thank You,

A Prisoner Who Languishes